Welcome to the musigami taster!

You've found the sensei's taster puzzle for his song lyric puzzles - musigami. The taster's intended to give you an idea of what you'll encounter should you take on his easier puzzle series. Or click here if you want to get to the 'proper' puzzles.

If you can answer this sample question, you should really go on and register (for free!) to play the full musigami challenge. The same login will also allow you to play the more challenging puzzles. (or just go register anyway)

What song is this?

The image below contains the lyrics of a well known song. The sensei has formatted them in a 'tag-cloud' manner, ie. the more often a word occurs, the bigger it appears in the cloud.

The tricky part is that the sensei has removed all occurrences of the words that appear in the title of the song.

All you need to do is enter the title of the song.

Go to the main site to play.

Image courtesy of www.wordle.net