Bimbogami respectfully welcomes you to his free, interactive puzzle site and lays down a challenge before you.

A challenge not to be taken lightly. A challenge the sensei has set you to solve the myriad of puzzles he has devised for you.

Some you may find simple, others less so. But, if you have a sharp and inquisitive mind, bimbogami is sure you will enjoy the quest.

There are 40 questions in each of the two main challenges, and another 40 different style puzzles in each of musi-gami and movi-gami, how hard can it be?

Go on, you know you want to. But be warned, once you're in, you may find there's no going back...

Bimbogami has provided some Puzzler Tools containing some handy utilities to help you solve puzzles here, elsewhere, or even create your own!

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