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You have found the bimbogami taster puzzle, a idea of the kind of puzzles you will encounter should you decide to take on the challenge.

If you can answer this sample question, bimbogami will grant you rights of passage to register (for free!) and you can play the two full series of challenging puzzles. That's two sets of 40 tricky enigmas to test your riddling and puzzling skills.

There's another 40 music lyric and 40 movie quote quizzes too. You can try a taster for those, if you like something a bit easier.

In any case, here's your first free riddle. The sensei wishes you luck in your quest.

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finders keepers

The sensei was searching around in his attic, looking for stuff to sell on ebay, when he found a couple of boxes he hadn't seen before.

He looked inside, and found some photographs:

As he puzzled over them, a word materialised in his mind...