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[Show] Had to play on

Hosted by Chantilly, a regular of bimbogami challenges, Had to play on is a puzzling site with a wide varitey of puzzles. There's also an archive of previous puzzles and active forum.

A number of the other puzzling community diehards hang out here too contributing to the puzzles and forums.

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[Show] Puzzletome

Created by a team of self-confessed hardcore puzzlers, Puzzletome is a puzzle site containing many, many challenging contests.

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[Show] The puzzle files

Home to the labyrinth, The puzzle files leads you through a vast array of well put-together puzzles that will challenge even the most seasoned puzzler.

Watch out for the minotaur though! Will you escape?

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[Show] The Beatle Man - Debut novel by Scott Liddell

The Beatle Man is the debut novel by Scottish writer Scott Liddell. It is a work of contemporary Scottish fiction

"It all came back. With a bang. Another one."

Danny McColl's new career as a Glasgow lawyer doesn't start too well. A broken nose and a trip to the hospital. It will get worse. He doesn't yet realise the havoc his personal search for retribution will unleash. Taking revenge on his assailants, and driven by a need to make up for his part in the death of his alcoholic father, he takes on the Finches, a family of thugs that terrorise his new neighbours. In doing so he reveals the truth behind the mysterious life of the Beatle Man with tragic, violent consequences...

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[Show] Lazy Web Tools - make your life easier

Lazywebtools is the home of the first, the best, the most reliable free automatic page refresher on the internet.

Whether you are refreshing gaia, neopets, ebay auctions, sports scores, stocks and shares or anything else, this is the page refresher for you.

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