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[Show] I'm great at puzzles, what do I win?

Please remember, bimbogami is only a game. It's free to join and play and there is no prize for competing/completing the puzzle, other than perhaps some element of self satisfaction amd an entry in the Hall of Fame (it's free to play so where would the prize come from?). Please bear this in mind should you feel a crazy urge to complain about something.

That said, if you had a great time playing, and you want to put something back as a sign of appreciation, feel free to make a donation via the Paypal button on the left there.

[Show] Why do I have to register to play?

You must register to take part in bimbogami's challenge. This allows the Sensei to track your progress through the puzzles so you can come back and continue where you left off - assuming of course you can drag yourself away from the puzzles once you get started.

It also means he can give you all sorts of great stats on how well you are doing. We like stats, we do. No really, we like them a lot.

Your selected user id will be valid for all future puzzle seasons on bimbogami, and even any spin-off stuff he may decide to do. So you don't need to register again next time round.

Please be assured that bimbogami respects your privacy and will not pass your eMail address or any other details on to anyone else.

[Show] My User ID doesn't work in the forum, how come?

Are you sure?
It should work*, with the same password you have on the main site. All that nonsense was back in the old days.

Now all new users are automatically registered on the forum too with the same User ID and password (you still have to log in separately though)

*NB. Please eMail the Sensei if it's really not working and he'll get one of his underlings on to it.

[Show] Where do you get all these puzzles from?

The puzzles on the site are all original, from the tricky mind of the Sensei or his minions - or at least bimbogami believes them to be. Any similarities to other sites are purely coincidental.

However, should you believe you have genuine copyright over any of the question materials used, please do let bimbogami know and you'll either get a mention or it will be removed.

[Show] What is acceptable behaviour when playing?

It shouldn't need to be said, but it seems there's no accounting for some individuals:
registering on bimbogami, answering questions or posting/PM'ing to the forum with offensive, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate user names, comments or materials will result in removal of the inappropriate materials and a ban for the user.

We've heard all of those words before, it's neither big nor clever. Please play nice.

[Show] What browsers are supported by bimbogami?

The site has been tested on Google Chrome (other browsers are available). Cross-browser testing will hopefully take place at some point in the future.

If that's a problem for you, drop bimbogami a n eMail with the issues you are encountering and, if there's enough demand, your flavour/version of browser may even make it to the top of the 'we'll get round to that one tomorrow' list.

[Show] Why do I need to enable javascript?

Some of the puzzles use javascript to work their magic - if you don't have javascript enabled, you won't be able to solve them, and that would be a shame because some of them are great.

Nothing else required - no cookies, no flash, obscure java versions etc, nada.

[Show] The questions are too hard - I'm stuck.

The questions are intended to start off fairly easy and get progressively harder. Although 'easy' for one person can be 'hard' for others. If you have problems solving the questions, feel free to use the bimbogami forum for clues and discussion on the questions, but please remember; while nudging and hinting are generally acceptable behaviour, spoiling is neither big nor clever and bimbogami frowns on that sort of thing.

you can also use bimbochat if you're logged in and there's anyone around.

[Show] The questions are too easy - I could do better!

Good for you, the questions are intended to start off fairly easy and get progressively harder. Although 'easy' for one person can be 'hard' for others. Not many have solved all the questions so far (so be honest, have you actually finished all of bimbogami yet?).

If you think you're good at creating original puzzles that would fit with the bimbogami style, feel free to send them in. You can use the 'contact us' link from the menu there, or drop a PM to MorFF on the bimbogami forum.
Note: By sending something to bimbogami, you warrant you:
1. Own the rights to material(s) submitted,
2. Grant bimbogami all rights to use it, modified or otherwise, and
3. Understand that pretty much all you'll get in return is a namecheck in the credits.

[Show] Can I use some of your stuff?

Please be aware that all content on this site is copyright © bimbogami, all rights reserved

It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, reproduce or otherwise use any of the questions, content, style, images, or concepts on this site without prior, written consent from bimbogami. This includes, but is not limited to the technology (code, including javascript), graphics, individual questions and merchandise.

That's not to say the Sensei won't allow you to use it, but it's nice to ask first.

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[Show] General credits - bimbogami sends love to...

Kayleigh for artwork and Jeanette (aka. Mrs. bimbogami) for support and understanding of a puzzle obsession.

Slinky (aka. hotblack), Maximum (aka. Mrs. Slinky) for their contribution of puzzles and ideas.

Mcgenius for proposing the concept of using wrdl images for a lyrics quiz.

The above plus big Kev, Stu, John, Rachael and a number of others for beta testing to various degrees, feedback and corrections!

[Show] Technical credits - bimbogami doffs his cap to...

Slinky for feedback on content/style/etc, sql advice and his god-like javascript skills, without which, the site would be lacking in most of its interactivity.

The guys at netlobo for a great implementation of displaying and hiding div's (in use on this page - and maybe more)

Walter Zorn for the wz_dragdrop.js library (copyright ©2002-2003 Walter Zorn), used in 'licensed to quiz'.