Corporate Greed

I’ve not posted for a while, just been one of those times, too busy, too tired, too pre-occupied; whatever other reason I can come up with for not being actually productive on anything.

Anyhoo, as a result of a series of random conversations in work (and when I say random, I do mean random – that’s one of the great things about where I work), I challenged one of my colleagues to the Desert Island C90 Challenge.

I partook in this a year and a half ago and found it great fun – you should try it; If you could only take one c90 cassette (remember them kids?) of music to listen to for the rest of your life, what would you put on it?

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‘mon The Blasties!

This is perhaps a slightly unusual post for me; a sport, or more specifically, a football post.

Back in the day, my father-in-law used to play junior football. By all accounts he was a bit special as a left back and always been a big fan of football at all levels.

We knew he played for a few clubs before hanging up his boots to raise his family. Money was tight and a steady job had to take priority over his passion for the game.

We were going through some boxes of old photos recently and happened upon something genuinely interesting from 60 years ago…

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Rudies update

the_rudiesI am delighted to let any of my regular readers know that The Rudies, that fabulous ska/reggae band from Lexington, Kentucky have a new CD out.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check this post out first.

How do I know they have a new CD out, well I have had a flurry of new mySpace ‘friends notifications. In the last 3-4 days, I’ve had about 30 eMail notifications from mySpace.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Reggae/Ska genre, although I did like the 2-Tone surge back in the day. However I do feel a bit of an affinity with my namesake and his pals in Kentucky, so props to the Rudies and all their friends!

You want to see their myspace page?

The Shame of Shamu

seaworldFor anyone who may not know, a big thing for SeaWorld is its association with Killer Whales or Orca to give them their Sunday name.

So much so, their logo even incorporates this magnificent creature, as you can see.

SeaWorld has a general sea-related theme running through the park and the majority of the various shows and attractions, including sea-lions, dolphins and sea-otters, culminating in the main attraction; the Shamu Show. So called because of Shamu, the Killer Whale.

Shamu is of course a generic name, a brand if you like, as it can be any one of a number of Orca from the SeaWorld ‘cast’ that take the role in the show itself. Over the years, various Shamu have perished and been replaced with yet more. The show must go on.

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Modern measure of a man

measure-manIn days gone by, the measure of a man was perhaps in his hunting prowess.

Going out into the wilderness, facing daily danger to bring food back to his tribe and family.

As the years have gone by, the measure has changed. With the advent of shops and supermarkets, modern man no longer has to stalk and hunt his prey.

So other measures have variously been used; His educational status, the money he earns, the clothes he wears, the car he drives. You name it.

Now I reckon there’s a new, modern-day candidate for the measure.

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Is Disney Eco-Friendly?

Eco FriendlyI remember years ago, when visiting DisneyWorld in Florida, an essential part of the holiday was getting a hire car for getting to and from your place of residence to the parks.

Each day you would drive to your park of choice, pay into the car park and have to park miles away from the entrance gate. Then you’d have to wait on the little road-train to take you to the gate, not forgetting of course to remember where where you parked your car.

At the end of the day, you’d queue again for your little road-train (like you hadn’t queued enough already) to get back to your car and head back home. Then you’d do it all again the next day, for a different park.

But there is another way, as we found on our recent trip.

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Butterfly syndrome

Fluttering By

Unusual for me I know, but I thought I’d try to bring a little culture to the blog.

So, without further ado, here’s a spot of Japanese poetry…

Fluttering around,
Pausing only for a while,
Then to something new.

OK, it’s a pretty poor haiku, but it gets my recent frame of mind across nicely. My focus has been suffering lately, lots of little things to occupy time; the blog, the iPhone, the MacBook, even reviewing stuff on DooYoo, but nothing substantial. I was working on the principle of working on lots of little things in the hope that something may stick and give me a sizeable target worth shooting for – the next big thing, I suppose.

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10 things to identify a regular biz traveller

aeroplane-in-sunsetSome time ago, I used to do a significant amount of business travelling, less so now, but a post I saw elsewhere recently got me thinking about how organised I became while racking up large numbers of airmiles**

It’s generally not the glamorous lifestyle many people imagine. I rarely got much time to sightsee and my experience was more airport -> taxi -> meeting -> taxi -> hotel -> taxi -> airport. You have to be able to occupy yourself a lot while you wait for flights, but it does give you a rich seam of war-stories to draw upon in years to come.

So, in the style of so many things on the web these days, here’s a ‘Top 10’ of things that set you apart from the common-or-garden tourist.

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Cars ‘n stuff

After my recent spat on the M8 I had to get a new car.  All that thinking and talking about cars got me thinking about how many cars I’ve had since I started driving and some of the stories that went with them all.

Can you remember all the cars you ever owned?
warning: nostalgia and petrol-head terms in the following post…

escortThe first car I had was a Mk1 Ford Escort. It was silver with a purple roof when I got it (nice eh?) but I painted it black, with a brush. As the time, I reckoned it looked great, there were no brush strokes, it looked like a professional job… for a while, until the oil based paint got scuffed and started peeling off in strips.

The car itself was held together with cataloy and gun-gum but it was a learning experience and allowed me to hone my skills on rust removal, filling and sanding, oh yes the sanding.

Eventually I peeled all the paint off and resprayed it, with proper primer and black paint this time – it was sauce. Eventually sold it, when it failed its MOT, for £20. Well, we are talking the early eighties here, twenty quid was over 40 pints in the union bar.

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21st Century Banks, aye right

Representation of a non-specific bankIt’s easy to have a swipe at the banking industry these days, in fact everyone does, relentlessly. In all reality, there’s not much us poor Joe-punters can do about it other than sit back and be affected in whatever proportionally smaller way the the billions or trillions that are talked about.

However, my gripe’s not with the spiffy hedge-fund boys, with their wonderfully complex financial models to efficiently lose shedloads of cash, nor is it the folks that reckoned sub-prime lending would be a wheeze or even those responsible for doling out massive payouts to executives of failing companies. While these are all undoubtedly ‘bad things’ that affect us all, they’re not affecting me directly, personally, right now.

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