Top of the world! (well 286,224th)

An SEO site, Majestic (not the wine shop, although that’s a great place too) recently published their view of the top million websites in the world.

It’s downloadable from the above link in excel (60Mb) or flat txt form and it has the full 1m sites, in order.

And I’m in the list…

As you’d probably guess, is #1 and Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. all feature highly. Apple, interestingly doesn’t make the top 10, but only just.

I’m not sure If I should adopt an Alan Freeman voice and announce the following as, “This year’s smash new entry, pop pickers”. But the great news is that my puzzle site made it to 286,244th spot. That’s 286,224th place, in the entire WORLD.

In case you missed that, is the 286,224th most popular site on the freakin’ planet.

OK, maybe that’s going a bit far. I guess those guys aren’t the ultimate arbitrator, but given I don’t really put much effort into the whole SEO thing much, I can live with that.

I should really do a 3rd season of puzzles and attract some more traffic. Gotta break into that top 1/4m.

Thanks to my good friend for the heads-up.

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