Spam redux

I posted, just over a year ago, about how I solved my spam problem on the bimbogami forum.

At that time, I had passed what I thought was a significant milestone. I had blocked just over 25,000 potential spammers from posting on the forum. Automatically.

I thought 25k in a single year was a lot. That’s about 68 attempted registrations a day.

Now, while I’d love to think bimbogami is quite popular, the reality of the situation is it’s very niche and therefore not that busy. Even when I’m running with a new season, there’s maybe 50-100 players a day on the main site on a busy day.

Well, I’ve realised recently that wasn’t even a teeny little milestone. Today, I passed a proper milestone – 200,000 thwarted spammers. Yes, 200k of these objectionable people have tried and failed to post their little morsels of crap promoting their wares on my site.

That’s an average of 685 attempted registrations a day. And that’s when the site itself  is quiet. Where are these people coming from? Are there really rooms full of people, paid buttons to search all day for phpbb sites and post spam on them?

This really annoys me, as I can’t see the point in it. Are people actually making money out of it and I just don’t understand? It’s a bit like virus-writers – what do they get out of it?

Maybe it’s just me. Get a life freaks!

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