Image Capture App

Solved another little Mac problem tonight, so here goes.

A while ago when I plugged my iPhone into my MacBook all was seamless, syncs downloads etc.

Then I got my ‘proper’ camera and installed the EOS utilities on the Mac. All was working fine, but the next time I plugged the iPhone in, I got a little popup dialogue saying there was no camera found.

Everything else still synced OK, but I couldn’t see any way to get pics off the phone. Tonight I wanted one of the pics off the phone, so decided I’d better have a look about.

Turns out there’s a handy app on the Mac called “Image Capture” you can utilise to do just this.

Just search for it using the spyglass search on the top right of the Mac toolbar. Start this app and you can download the pics from the iPhone. You can create a folder on your drive and download them all to there.

Short and sweet, but there you go!

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