Remove DRM from your iTunes purchases

I like music. I’ve always liked music; all kinds of music. In days gone by, I would spend my spare cash on buying vinyl or things to play it on.

When CDs arrived on the scene, I switched to the new medium and the vinyl was assigned to the loft. I even re-bought some of my old vinyl on CD (you’re welcome guys – double-whammy for you).

When downloads came into play (jeez this makes me sound old) I still continued to buy CDs, because some strange part of me still liked having something solid and tangible in my hand after parting with my cash.

When I finally took the plunge and bought a few individual tracks from iTunes, to fill some gaps on my iPod, all seemed fine. Until I decided to move some of my music onto a little stick MP3 player and I happened upon the problem with Digital Rights Management.

The iTunes-purchased tracks wouldn’t play on my stick drive because it was in iTunes format, not standard MP3…

“Easy!” I think to myself, “I’ll just convert them to MP3”. Except, when you try to do that, good old DRM stops you, “Oh no, you can’t do that, you might be a teenage file-sharer trying to bring down the music industry.”

Well no, actually, I’m not. I paid for the tracks and I want to listen to them on whatever player I sodding well want to. I don’t peer-to-peer share. Never have, never will.

I didn’t fancy the whole DRM stripping software thing because that’s like admitting you’re doing something illicit (did I mention I’d already paid for these tracks?). But, there is another way, without the need for hooky software.

How to remove DRM from iTunes tracks

  1. In iTunes, select all the DRM’d tracks and create a playlist
  2. Burn the playlist onto a CD
  3. Put the CD back in your machine and rip it as MP3
  4. Enjoy the music you paid for when and where you want

Anyhoo, I’m going to boycott iTunes for music purchases till they stop putting DRM on their tracks. I’ll stick to Sky Songs or Amazon MP3.

As a parting comment on the subject – you want one reason against DRM and the whole “killing music” thing?

  1. MTV Cribs

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