You need another reason?

red_appleYou may have seen from previous posts that I’m becoming a bit of a Mac evangelist, but I reckon if something’s good, it’s worth talking about. And I’m talking.

So, as if you needed any more reasons to buy yourself a MacBook, or other Mac model for that matter, here’s another couple for free…

Thing 1: Printing

I typed up a letter last night and it was pretty late when I finished and realised I hadn’t ever printed anything from the Mac since I got it. So with heavy heart, I took it out to the Bothy where my printer resides, previously attached to my PC but now standing alone.

I switched the printer on and gingerly plugged the USB into the Mac. Nothing.

I was half expecting a printer dialogue to come up saying it had detected a printer and wanted a driver disk or somesuch. You know the kind of thing Windows looks for. But no, nothing. Had a look in Finder, then Settings and finally Applications; no mention of printers or anything.

A quick search on the Apple site told me the Mac will likely know about the printer, so just press ‘Print’ in the application.

Guess what? It just works.

Thing 2: Backups

Like probably 99% of the PC using community, I am at best sporadic in my backup regime. I do copy docs and sheets and stuff onto my pen-drive, for security and transfer between machines. I know I have a recovery disk somewhere, I think, from a while ago and I’m sure I have the installer disks and drivers and stuff I’ve put on since then, probably, maybe.

I just bought FreeAgent 320Gb drive, on offer. It’s nice and small, and silver. It has both FireWire and USB connection, which is nice.

Plugged it in to the Mac, using the FireWire connection for speed and the Mac pops up a dialogue saying it’s spotted a drive it can use as a Time Machine backup disk and do I want to use it. Well, I think I do, so “Yes”.

It then scheduled the first backup for 30 minutes time and also sets up a backup regime. The first backup took a while; just over an hour in fact, but that was to be expected.

Not bad for one click.

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