Next 5 things for your mac

Mac LogoHot on the heels of the similarly titled post, I have a few other gems I’ve come across or been pointed towards to make life on the good ship MacBook that little bit more simple. Not that it’s difficult in the first place, just different if you’re used to Windows.

Note: Feedback from the family, who are a mix of casual and regular PC users, would suggest the Mac is easy to use. So fear-ye not Mac virgins, this is not a platform (only) for the uber-geeks.

That said, if you *are* an uber-geek, there’s lots (and I mean lots) to float your boat here.

So, what do we have in the bag this time?

  1. Read PC formatted disks (NTFS 3G)
    Windows kindly has it’s own, proprietary disk formatting method; NTFS. This isn’t a problem if you only ever live on Windows but, should you wish to stray elsewhere, like Linux, or MacOS, or anything else for that matter, you won’t be able to access those disks, meaning you can’t use your USB stick between machines, or your nice 1TB USB backup disk. Well, just install this little util and you can. (thanks JohnH)
  2. De-duplicate your files (Chipmunk)
    If, like me, you have a few machines kicking about the house, chances are you’ve got a number of iTuneses with different collections of music on them. Also, you may have collections of photos and images you’ve downloaded over the years. This handy little app compares stuff on a byte by byte basis and finds the duplicates for you, so you can tidy up in a fraction of the time. (thanks JohnH)
  3. Access the hidden option in MacOS X (xMod)
    I wanted to modify my .htaccess files to make things look a bit better on my sites. Found a nice post explaining what to do, but fell at the first hurdle when I found I couldn’t even see the files. Turns out MacOS X Leopard hides any files that start with a . So found this nifty utility that allows you to override this and quite a few other things that are hidden in MacOS X.
  4. Coding (Firebug for Firefox)
    Now, this is one of the coolest development productivity aids I’ve come across. I posted abut this a while back, and only just now getting round to installing on Mac. If you code for the web, you *need* this. Also noticed, from a cool post I came across on Twitter, that there are add-ons for Firefox plugins now. Who knew? So also added FireRainbow, a funky code colouriser (note UK spelling :))
  5. Playing WMV files (Flip4Mac)
    While the rest of the world stick with PC’s, us Mac-heads will have to interact with them, and get windows-formatted funnies from then, which occasionally come in .WMV form. Of course, the Mac don’t play them, normally, but this handy little app gets Quicktime to play those WMVs for you.

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