Posting from iPhone

Just enabled WordPress posting from the iPhone. So this is my first quickie mobile post. You can even include a pic, which is cool.

Here are a couple of Arrow Frogs, at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry, which was good for passing a couple of hours on a cold and windy afternoon.

In the wild, each one of these little blighters contain enough poison to kill 200 men. That’s where they got their ‘arrow’ name from,; the natives used to utilise the poison on their arrows for more effective hunting.

The frogs apparently mellow out on toxin the front when in captivity, due to less exposure to some of the more interesting things in their natural habitat.

One cool thing I learned was that they carry their tadpoles around on their back. If you look at the nearest frog in the picture there, you can see them custered on its back.

With regards to the post, I had to do a bit of editing on WordPress proper, to tidy it up after the initial publish, but a pretty good feature for blogging on the go. Chalk another one up to WordPress.

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