New boots and panties

My new theme: AspireFor those of you old enough to remember Ian Dury, you’ll recognise the title.

But this post has nothing to do with Ian Dury, or indeed music. Its about a new look for the blog.  I decided that after sticking with the iNove theme for a few months, it was time to move up a gear.

So I hooked myself up with a new, free WordPress theme from, it’s called Aspire, hope you like it.

The simplicity with which I switched themes was great. Maybe I’ve lived too long in Microsoft land and have become a bitter and cynical twisted techie, expecting that almost nothing works first time or at least requires a modicum of fiddling.

Pretty much everything in WordPress land seems to work out of the box. My plugins are all still working fine.  All I had to do was revisit the posts and see that the layout was still OK around the images.

The only bits that aren’t working are the bits I hacked myself in the iNove theme (obviously). Ill need to re-read those posts and decide if I really want those features and reapply where necessary. However, I suspect some of the grief may be removed as this looks to be a more ‘standard’ theme.

So I think there will be more theme changes in the pipeline over time. Since there’s about a million of them out there and it’s so easy to do, like changing my underwear.

I feel a Mac moment coming on (I’d like a MacBook but they’re far too expensive for my budget). Apparently everything works first time on there too.

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