And tonight Matthew, I will be…

Fancy dress, not halfMy nephew decided to have a themed fancy-dress party for his 21st birthday. The idea was to come as a character from your favourite movie or novel. With plenty of warning, we therefore had lots of time to deliberate over the character in question and the costumes.

I went as Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, Jeanette as Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, Kayleigh as an Oompa Loompa (from the original movie) Ross (below) as Super Mario and Euan as Harry Potter.

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We all went for it in terms of the ‘create your own costume’ thing; no shop-bought outfits for us, all hand gathered, tailored, modified and in Ross’s case, stitched. Our vocation as a family business has clearly been missed.

Getting the long black wig to look greasy was a bit of a challenge, and while a little bit of ground-nut oil did the job nicely, it did smell a bit like a chip-shop. Talk about suffering for your art, now I know what these luvvies have to put up with.

Super Mario!The party turned out to be a great laugh, with all 40-plus guests making and effort and getting into role for the night.

Other notable attendees included Rorschach (the masked man from Watchmen), three members of Spinal Tap, The Cat in the Hat, three members of Mystery Inc, Poirot, Kirk Lazarus (the Robert Downey Jr. character from Tropic Thunder), a T-Bird and two Pink Ladies (from Grease), Fred Astaire, Scarlett O’Hara, Alice (from Wonderland), The Terminator, Hannibal Lecter, 2x Cruella DeVille(s) and 2x Phantom(s) of the Opera.

The funniest bit had to be the drive over to the party as we buzzed various pedestrians who turned round to see an oompah loompah waving manically at them from a very small car window.

We’re so rock-n-roll, us.

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