An Apple for the teacher

appleIt’s been a long time coming, but I finally got myself an iPhone 3g at the weekend. It’s only available on the O2 network here in the UK, so that meant having to transfer away from my long term contract with Vodafone.

Not something I was looking forward to, because I was sure the process was likely to be fraught with grief. For the record, if Voda had been able to offer the iPhone, I would have stayed with them.

I knew it was going to be a good device, I’ve read the reviews, considered the main things that are supposed to be ‘bad’ about it compared to ‘equivalent’ handsets on the market…

…and I decided I could live with all those things:

  • Yes, it’s only a 2Mp camera
    That’ll do me, it is a phone after all
  • No, the battery can’t easily be replaced
    It should last for a while, no? I’ve only ever had to replace a phone battery once in all the time I’ve had mobile phones and that was after 4 years of continuos use.
  • No you can’t put a media card in it.
    It’s got 8Gb internal memory, that’ll do fine.

There’s an obsession with bigger, bigger bigger on everything. Well, bigger ain’t always better. I prefer better; better is always better.

But, on the good side:

  • iPhoneThe form factor of the phone itself and especially the UI (some of which is strangely familiar :)) is stunning by comparison to it’s rivals.
  • It integrates perfectly with the beautifully crisp touchscreen and internal gimble thing. The minimality of the single button interface makes it a breeze to use with left, right or both hands. You can tell they have really thought about every aspect of the design.
  • There are a million apps out there to run on it, losts of good ones and probably 90% of them completely and utterly pointless, but it’s all about the fun.

So, for all you anti-iPhonophiles, and there’s plenty of iPhone hater-sites and reviews out there, here’s another couple of reasons I bought an iPhone ahead of a Nokia 5800 or the myriad of Windows-mobile based phones out there.

And I’m talking about engines rather than features or apps:

  • It’s not Nokia Series60, an OS that’s been around for a while and was never designed with touchscreens in mind – you S60 guys will notice touchscreen performance is a bit clunky and why so many buttons?
  • It’s not Microsoft Windows Mobile, an OS that started life as a stripped down PC OS. Bloated, and slow, and buggy, and not made for touchscreen, and stuck with the windows architecture.

And before you say, I did consider RIM’s Blackberry variants. They’re great, pretty much bulletproof and they do exactly what they say on the tin. Trouble is, I already have one of those for work, and having two would just be plain silly.

Bottom line, I got the iPhone because it’s a great looking piece of kit, iconic even I would argue, like pretty much everything Apple produces these days. And me a PC person for all these years too, maybe I’ve just snapped after one too many blue-screens-of-death.

Next stop a MacBook!

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