Bimbogami on iPhone?

iphoneHad an attack of holiday-inspired tech-craziness.

Bought m’self a book on iPhone development, joined the Apple Developer Connection and downloaded the iPhone SDK. So, the big question is, “Will this be the start of something interesting, or another project that comes to nothing?” Only time will tell.

Well, the book arrived today and the whole iPhone development environment looks pretty cool. Trouble is it’s Objective C, which I’ve not done any of before but really, how hard can it be?

So, where do we go from here? What to develop…

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Butterfly syndrome

Fluttering By

Unusual for me I know, but I thought I’d try to bring a little culture to the blog.

So, without further ado, here’s a spot of Japanese poetry…

Fluttering around,
Pausing only for a while,
Then to something new.

OK, it’s a pretty poor haiku, but it gets my recent frame of mind across nicely. My focus has been suffering lately, lots of little things to occupy time; the blog, the iPhone, the MacBook, even reviewing stuff on DooYoo, but nothing substantial. I was working on the principle of working on lots of little things in the hope that something may stick and give me a sizeable target worth shooting for – the next big thing, I suppose.

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New to-do

todoThe last to-do list I published on the blog had the effect of spurring me into action fairly well.  So well in fact, I thought I’d do it again; not because I’ve stopped doing stuff, more so I have a reasonable list that I can work to and tick off against.


  • restructure db for better stats, better season handling & for ‘new concept’ season 3
  • separate the reg/login audit from the answers
  • calculate elapsed time and puzzling time per question on completion of question
  • calculate these valuse for past users
  • amend HoF to show both elapsed time and puzzling time
  • amend HoF to sort the players in ‘first past the post’, ‘elapsed’ and ‘puzzling time’ order
  • apply my new found CSS skills to the site, progressively (but not extensively)
  • look at the structure of things to cater for the ‘new concept’ for season 3 proper
  • see if we can bang out another wordle-based music one to keep things moving
  • run through the ideas book and see how many decent questions are kicking about


  • put some structure to the working concept
  • write the first chapter
  • write a synopsis
    (but not necessarily in that order)


  • Write a review of CSS Mastery
  • Write a review of Don’t Make Me think

Procrastination rules…

todoI must have at least twenty significant things on the to-do list for bimbogami, but I haven’t managed to do get round to completing any of them in the last 2 months or so.

There is actually a number of good reasons to get the proverbial finger out and get some stuff done: Evidence the fact that new registrations have all but dried up, and only a handful of persistent puzzle heroes are still slogging their way through the puzzles. How will I ever make my million from internet puzzling if google-ads are not being clicked and searches done?

I always seem to be able to find something that manages to keep me from getting to a proper end of a single one of these tasks. I’ve been suffering badly from “butterfly syndrome”, and me allegedly a completer-finisher too, sheesh.

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