Spam Redux – Again!

I have posted about this a couple of times now. However, it still never ceases to amaze me, so here goes…

Another significant milestone was passed yesterday. Over 500,000 low-life, would-be spammers have joined the bimbogami forum in an attempt to post links to their often offensive, sometimes vile, but always pointless rubbish.

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Spam redux

I posted, just over a year ago, about how I solved my spam problem on the bimbogami forum.

At that time, I had passed what I thought was a significant milestone. I had blocked just over 25,000 potential spammers from posting on the forum. Automatically.

I thought 25k in a single year was a lot. That’s about 68 attempted registrations a day.

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Death To Spammers


Regular, ahem, readers of this blog will perhaps know about my other site, bimbogami.

It’s a site for those with a passion for puzzles. And, by puzzles, I don’t just mean puzzles, I mean challenging puzzles, I mean HARD puzzles. There’s not many of the 2000 registered players managed to complete either of the main seasons of 40 questions.

For those less obsessive souls than the die-hard puzzlers prepared to stick with it, there are a couple of easier puzzle seasons, based on song lyrics and movie quotes.

I’m pleased to say bimbogami passed a nice milestone recently…

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