Coaster Review: Montu

montuOne of my favourite coasters to date is Montu at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

Busch Gardens is about 90 minutes drive from Disneyworld in Florida and for the coaster fans amongst you, well worth the visit. It’s a dual-type park with one half being a nature reserve/animal park and the other half dedicated to your more typical entertainment-type theme park, with coasters!

It’s quite a few years since I was there, but I can still remember the coasters like it was last year. I went on them with my fellow coaster-obsessive daughter and for Montu, we were very fortunate to hit it at a time when the ride was uncharacteristically quiet, so we went on this at least five times consecutively.

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The Shame of Shamu

seaworldFor anyone who may not know, a big thing for SeaWorld is its association with Killer Whales or Orca to give them their Sunday name.

So much so, their logo even incorporates this magnificent creature, as you can see.

SeaWorld has a general sea-related theme running through the park and the majority of the various shows and attractions, including sea-lions, dolphins and sea-otters, culminating in the main attraction; the Shamu Show. So called because of Shamu, the Killer Whale.

Shamu is of course a generic name, a brand if you like, as it can be any one of a number of Orca from the SeaWorld ‘cast’ that take the role in the show itself. Over the years, various Shamu have perished and been replaced with yet more. The show must go on.

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Coaster review: Manta

Manta at SeaWorld OrlandoMy recent visit to Florida re-established my love of roller-coasters. My youngest has inherited the coaster-gene, so looks like I’ll have a coaster-buddy for some time to come.

As a result, I thought I would perhaps do a series of mini-reviews of coasters/rides I’ve been on over the years.

I’ll start with the newest coaster at Orlando at time of writing; Manta, at SeaWorld Orlando, which opened on 21 May 2009.

I rode this coaster on 6 July 2009, less than 2 months after opening. Unfortunately the height requirement ruled out my new buddy, so as a single rider, I braved the 40 minute queue in the baking sun.

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