Bimbogami is back!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 09.21.46I should have posted this a couple of months ago but, as usual, other things took priority and it’s been a long time since I posted on here. But that’s about to change (honest!)

My puzzle site – Bimbogami – is back up and running again.

Newly rewritten in php, but retaining the original look and feel, most of the site is again operational, and puzzling folks are coming back slowly.

As a reminder, there are four puzzle seasons to try:

  • Bimbogami Season 1 – the original 40 sequential riddles, increasing with difficulty as you progress
  • Bimbogami Season 2 – as if one season wasn’t enough, it’s back with new challenges, and some old favourites
  • Musigami – a word-cloud based song-lyric quiz, using the same 40 question sequential format
  • Movigami – another word-cloud based challenge, this time with quotes from the movies

Free to join, with a forum for help should you be finding it a bit tough. Nearly 2,400 people have registered to play and, to date, only 66 have completed Season 1.

Can you do it?