Yum Yum

Well, Tom Yum really, as this is Tom Yum soup with crispy Wontons.

This is the end product (the photo, not the food) of my first venture into ‘proper’ pictures, ie. for a purpose other than my own pleasure.

It was done as a part of a small photo-shoot I did back in Frbruary, for Blue Chip Marketing, of a few dishes made by Tony Singh at Oloroso in Edinburgh.

The shots feature in a Visit Scotland-sponsored foodie booklet, along with the recipes to make the dishes and a competition to win foodie-goodies. The booklet is included as an insert in this month’s Sainsbury’s Magazine, out now, and The Observer Food Magazine, which came out at the weekend.

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Rudies update

the_rudiesI am delighted to let any of my regular readers know that The Rudies, that fabulous ska/reggae band from Lexington, Kentucky have a new CD out.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check this post out first.

How do I know they have a new CD out, well I have had a flurry of new mySpace ‘friends notifications. In the last 3-4 days, I’ve had about 30 eMail notifications from mySpace.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Reggae/Ska genre, although I did like the 2-Tone surge back in the day. However I do feel a bit of an affinity with my namesake and his pals in Kentucky, so props to the Rudies and all their friends!

You want to see their myspace page?

Bimbogami breaks 2000 user barrier

bbg_main_logoI’ve not posted for a couple of weeks because I was on holiday in the US.

Back home now, happy but exhausted. More of that in future posts, so watch this space for my 2p on the Disney experience, the US in general and the start of a series of posts on my love of coasters.

For now, I am delighted to announce that on 6 July 2009, the puzzle site of choice for discerning riddle lovers everywhere, bimbogami, passed the 2000** user mark.

For anyone reading this blog an not familiar with bimbogami, please let me explain…

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Noppleganger, moi?

My mate LynvalSince purchasing my new domain names, I started to get some strange eMails, addressed to one of the domains; the stevemccallum.com one.  I was regularly getting 4-5 per day and they all had a few things in common that ruled them out from being common or garden spam.

i) They were all addressed to ‘me’ at my domain,  ii) They were exclusively new ‘friends’ on MySpace and iii) the majority seemed to have ska/rudeboy/rudegrrl oriented names or pages on MySpace, the latest of which being Lynval Golding of the Specials and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

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