Cars ‘n stuff

After my recent spat on the M8 I had to get a new car.  All that thinking and talking about cars got me thinking about how many cars I’ve had since I started driving and some of the stories that went with them all.

Can you remember all the cars you ever owned?
warning: nostalgia and petrol-head terms in the following post…

escortThe first car I had was a Mk1 Ford Escort. It was silver with a purple roof when I got it (nice eh?) but I painted it black, with a brush. As the time, I reckoned it looked great, there were no brush strokes, it looked like a professional job… for a while, until the oil based paint got scuffed and started peeling off in strips.

The car itself was held together with cataloy and gun-gum but it was a learning experience and allowed me to hone my skills on rust removal, filling and sanding, oh yes the sanding.

Eventually I peeled all the paint off and resprayed it, with proper primer and black paint this time – it was sauce. Eventually sold it, when it failed its MOT, for £20. Well, we are talking the early eighties here, twenty quid was over 40 pints in the union bar.

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Is this the smallest car in the world?

This really is a very small carFollowing a bit of an altercation on the M8 motorway last week, I had the joy of being issued with a courtesy car by my insurers.

I fully expected that I wouldn’t be getting temporary wheels of the standard I had been used to, but what transpired is just a bit beyond a joke. Well, clearly it is not beyond a joke since everyone is openly enjoying the fact I am having to drive the automotive equivalent of a roller-skate.

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