Apple Rock!

Regular (ahem) readers will note that I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. Well, there’s nothing better when you’re in that apparent minority to have it confirmed to you.

I’m guessing the products speak for themselves, they’re sleek and cool and gorgeous-looking, they ‘just work’ and I suppose there is that little bit of elitism there too as they’re not too mainstream.

But what about Customer Service from the behemoth that Apple has become these days? The cynics would have you believe any company that grows big can easily lose touch with their customers.

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It was all going so well.

I’ve often sung the praises of WordPress as a blogging platform. Particularly its functionality, flexibility and ease of use.

My blog’s been running for a couple of years without as much as a hitch. Adding themes and plugins, and upgrading to new versions were always a 1-click breeze.

But complacency sets in, and perhaps you don’t back up for a while. And, as everyone knows, that’s generally when disaster strikes.

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Top 20 posts

I could never be accused of being one of the most profligate blog posters in the world but I do keep an eye on my hits on each post, since I put a wee WordPress hack in place to count them.

I’d always thought my ‘Shame of Shamu‘ and ‘Is Disney Eco-Friendly?‘ posts were doing pretty well, beaten only by older posts. But they’ve been overtaken by one particular, more recent, post…

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Image Capture App

Solved another little Mac problem tonight, so here goes.

A while ago when I plugged my iPhone into my MacBook all was seamless, syncs downloads etc.

Then I got my ‘proper’ camera and installed the EOS utilities on the Mac. All was working fine, but the next time I plugged the iPhone in, I got a little popup dialogue saying there was no camera found.

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Silence is golden

It’s been a while since I threw a Mac tip into the mix, so here goes.

A pet-hate of mine is that annoying noise that plays when your machine starts up. Whether it’s a PC or a Mac, I have no idea why someone would think it was a good idea to by default play a sound at startup, or shutdown for that matter.

What is the benefit of that? No, I can’t think of it either.

Strange thing is, on the Mac it’s not something you can easily get rid of. So, other than remembering to mute the sound before shutdown, you’re was stuck with it. Grrrr.

However, after a little bit of digging about, I’ve found a method to stop the startup sound on the Mac without the rest of the sound being muted.

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The trouble with Apple

As you may have seen from other posts, I’m a big Apple fan.

I’ve admired them since the early days, but until relatively recently never owned any of their products. A bit too expensive and not mainstream enough to be in use where I worked.

That all changed with the iPod. Still expensive but luckily I received one as a gift. I liked the simplicity; the controls, the minimalism. Then, more recently and long overdue, I got myself an iPhone; even better. Finally I took the big step and plunged into OSX and a MacBook; rock ‘n roll!

It’s all about the little design things for me. The way it looks, feels. The buttons are just right, the precision machining (the sim drawer on the iPhone for example), nothing is superfluous; all form, fit and function.

You’ll be hard-pushed to persuade me against any of the Apple products I own,  other than with newer, better versions of them.

And therein lies my gripe about Apple…

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Remove DRM from your iTunes purchases

I like music. I’ve always liked music; all kinds of music. In days gone by, I would spend my spare cash on buying vinyl or things to play it on.

When CDs arrived on the scene, I switched to the new medium and the vinyl was assigned to the loft. I even re-bought some of my old vinyl on CD (you’re welcome guys – double-whammy for you).

When downloads came into play (jeez this makes me sound old) I still continued to buy CDs, because some strange part of me still liked having something solid and tangible in my hand after parting with my cash.

When I finally took the plunge and bought a few individual tracks from iTunes, to fill some gaps on my iPod, all seemed fine. Until I decided to move some of my music onto a little stick MP3 player and I happened upon the problem with Digital Rights Management.

The iTunes-purchased tracks wouldn’t play on my stick drive because it was in iTunes format, not standard MP3…

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Bimbogami on iPhone?

iphoneHad an attack of holiday-inspired tech-craziness.

Bought m’self a book on iPhone development, joined the Apple Developer Connection and downloaded the iPhone SDK. So, the big question is, “Will this be the start of something interesting, or another project that comes to nothing?” Only time will tell.

Well, the book arrived today and the whole iPhone development environment looks pretty cool. Trouble is it’s Objective C, which I’ve not done any of before but really, how hard can it be?

So, where do we go from here? What to develop…

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Snow font problems

Snow_LeopardFinally! It had all been going too well, so I suppose it had to come; something negative to post about regarding the Mac platform.

I’ve not had the Mac long in the big scheme of things, but up till now, pretty much everything ‘just worked’ which was a welcome relief from Microsoft-land that I know and love.

That was until today, and it was a kinda strange one.

The much hyped Snow Leopard OS came out recently and I decided in my nice shiny world of Mac-iness I’d give it a go to try and keep up with the trends. So I got my nice shrink wrapped package with the nice picture of a… Snow Leopard on it at the weekend.

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