Yum Yum

Well, Tom Yum really, as this is Tom Yum soup with crispy Wontons.

This is the end product (the photo, not the food) of my first venture into ‘proper’ pictures, ie. for a purpose other than my own pleasure.

It was done as a part of a small photo-shoot I did back in Frbruary, for Blue Chip Marketing, of a few dishes made by Tony Singh at Oloroso in Edinburgh.

The shots feature in a Visit Scotland-sponsored foodie booklet, along with the recipes to make the dishes and a competition to win foodie-goodies. The booklet is included as an insert in this month’s Sainsbury’s Magazine, out now, and The Observer Food Magazine, which came out at the weekend.

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Snap to it

I finally took the leap into the wonderful world of the digital SLR recently. It’s been on the cards for a while, but decided now was the time.

So, after a quick assessment of the models on the market and a bit of (perhaps biased) consultancy from a good friend of mine, I plumped for the Canon EOS 500D.

I was swithering between the 50D and 500D but, given I’m no pro-type photographer, decided the 500D was good enough for me. Having a whole load more settings I didn’t understand how to work wouldn’t have added to the fun.

And, in any case I could spend the price differential on extra glass.

See, I’m talking the talk already…

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