Bimbogami is back!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 09.21.46I should have posted this a couple of months ago but, as usual, other things took priority and it’s been a long time since I posted on here. But that’s about to change (honest!)

My puzzle site – Bimbogami – is back up and running again.

Newly rewritten in php, but retaining the original look and feel, most of the site is again operational, and puzzling folks are coming back slowly.

As a reminder, there are four puzzle seasons to try:

  • Bimbogami Season 1 – the original 40 sequential riddles, increasing with difficulty as you progress
  • Bimbogami Season 2 – as if one season wasn’t enough, it’s back with new challenges, and some old favourites
  • Musigami – a word-cloud based song-lyric quiz, using the same 40 question sequential format
  • Movigami – another word-cloud based challenge, this time with quotes from the movies

Free to join, with a forum for help should you be finding it a bit tough. Nearly 2,400 people have registered to play and, to date, only 66 have completed Season 1.

Can you do it?

Spam Redux – Again!

I have posted about this a couple of times now. However, it still never ceases to amaze me, so here goes…

Another significant milestone was passed yesterday. Over 500,000 low-life, would-be spammers have joined the bimbogami forum in an attempt to post links to their often offensive, sometimes vile, but always pointless rubbish.

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Spam redux

I posted, just over a year ago, about how I solved my spam problem on the bimbogami forum.

At that time, I had passed what I thought was a significant milestone. I had blocked just over 25,000 potential spammers from posting on the forum. Automatically.

I thought 25k in a single year was a lot. That’s about 68 attempted registrations a day.

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Bimbogami on iPhone?

iphoneHad an attack of holiday-inspired tech-craziness.

Bought m’self a book on iPhone development, joined the Apple Developer Connection and downloaded the iPhone SDK. So, the big question is, “Will this be the start of something interesting, or another project that comes to nothing?” Only time will tell.

Well, the book arrived today and the whole iPhone development environment looks pretty cool. Trouble is it’s Objective C, which I’ve not done any of before but really, how hard can it be?

So, where do we go from here? What to develop…

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Death To Spammers


Regular, ahem, readers of this blog will perhaps know about my other site, bimbogami.

It’s a site for those with a passion for puzzles. And, by puzzles, I don’t just mean puzzles, I mean challenging puzzles, I mean HARD puzzles. There’s not many of the 2000 registered players managed to complete either of the main seasons of 40 questions.

For those less obsessive souls than the die-hard puzzlers prepared to stick with it, there are a couple of easier puzzle seasons, based on song lyrics and movie quotes.

I’m pleased to say bimbogami passed a nice milestone recently…

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Bimbogami breaks 2000 user barrier

bbg_main_logoI’ve not posted for a couple of weeks because I was on holiday in the US.

Back home now, happy but exhausted. More of that in future posts, so watch this space for my 2p on the Disney experience, the US in general and the start of a series of posts on my love of coasters.

For now, I am delighted to announce that on 6 July 2009, the puzzle site of choice for discerning riddle lovers everywhere, bimbogami, passed the 2000** user mark.

For anyone reading this blog an not familiar with bimbogami, please let me explain…

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Musigami launch imminent

Things are starting to come together a bit now on the musigami front.

Most of the code has been done, including some more annoying css stuff. A bit disappointed that I’ve had to resort to ie-hacks to maintain consistency (only 3x mind) – lazy I know but it was eating away into the time I should be spending getting it launched. I may go back to that later.

Anyhoo, so far, the new taster has been built and launched, and the old one spruced to match. It just takes you to the reg page, so the main game is safe from prying eyes until launch.

The majority of the other pages are re-jigged with the new stylie (menu changes and banner), so that just leaves the main puzzle page, still have to recheck (dull, dull, dull) all the old puzzles aren’t formatted funny because of the change in styles.

I’m trying to avoid the temptation to just ‘get it in’ at all costs, it would just mean the next ‘code tidy up’ will be even worse.

After this, it’s on to season 3 proper.

Further progress

Now done most of the coding around musigami, a between-season lyrics quiz, to be published on bimbogami. And, as Scott’s kindly done all the images, including a taster, it’s all been glued together. So musigami is officially in ‘beta test’ now – thanks in advance Jeanne.

Still a few bits and bobs to fix (mainly IE spacing, surprise surprise) and also need to merge the CSS from the previous puzzle page since introducing the new layout changes and revising the navigation stuff.

So, fingers crossed for a launch this weekend, if we decide the puzzles are in the right sequence/level of difficulty.

Progress, here we go mk1

launchAs I posted at the end of last year, there had been no movement on the bimbogami front for some time, despite a growing list of tasks and ideas.

Well, the good news is that over the last few days, the proverbial finger has been extracted and some movement made on a couple of fronts.

I made live today a number of amendments to the site:
A new landing page, with a new look and feel (thanks Scott, for the suggestion).
Users can now log-in from the landing page (less clicks, yay).
Newly launched ‘puzzler tools’ section, accessible from the landing page.

  • Caesar Solver puzzler tool launched
  • Scrabble Helper puzzler tool launched
  • Random Word Generator puzzler tool launched
  • Nonogram Generator has not been formatted yet, so held back for now

So, a few ticks in the boxes from the previous post, and hopefully a bit of impetus to get some more stuff done.

Next on the list is, hmmm, I wonder, Musigami anyone?