It was all going so well.

I’ve often sung the praises of WordPress as a blogging platform. Particularly its functionality, flexibility and ease of use.

My blog’s been running for a couple of years without as much as a hitch. Adding themes and plugins, and upgrading to new versions were always a 1-click breeze.

But complacency sets in, and perhaps you don’t back up for a while. And, as everyone knows, that’s generally when disaster strikes.

The upgrade to 3.1.4 reminder popped up and, as usual, I clicked ‘upgrade automatically’. Yes, it reminded me to backup my database. Yes, I knew I hadn’t done that for quite a while. But hey, it’s never gone wrong before. So I clicked ‘proceed’. #fail

I did get the ‘upgraded successfully’ message but on returning to the dashboard, I got nothing but a white screen. “Strange”, I thought and tried a few things but nothing; completely blank, no errors, no spinning icon, nada. I tried the site itself, equally blank. “Now, that’s most definitely not good”, I reckoned.

Google had nothing. So I left it for a couple of days to see if it would heal itself, but surprisingly not. It was well and truly gubbed.

So I had a dig about behind the scenes and backed up the bust instance of the WordPress install. Then I deleted and reinstalled WordPress and went for a trial and error approach to getting it all back up and running.

I seem to have managed to get most of it back, the only missing bit being the categories, tags and view-counts on the individual posts.

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