Yum Yum

Well, Tom Yum really, as this is Tom Yum soup with crispy Wontons.

This is the end product (the photo, not the food) of my first venture into ‘proper’ pictures, ie. for a purpose other than my own pleasure.

It was done as a part of a small photo-shoot I did back in Frbruary, for Blue Chip Marketing, of a few dishes made by Tony Singh at Oloroso in Edinburgh.

The shots feature in a Visit Scotland-sponsored foodie booklet, along with the recipes to make the dishes and a competition to win foodie-goodies. The booklet is included as an insert in this month’s Sainsbury’s Magazine, out now, and The Observer Food Magazine, which came out at the weekend.

Together, these two publications have a joint circulation in excess of 700,000. So I’m quite chuffed with the ‘reach’ of my shots.

I suppose it means it’s 700k people that will likely curse when it falls out of the magazine onto the floor. But hopefully they will pick it up and have a browse, and see my pictures and perhaps even have a go at making the dishes!

The pictures are apparently going to feature on a few food related websites too. I’ll update this post with the links or screenshots when I get them.

For the unfamiliar, Oloroso is a lovely rooftop restaurant in Edinburgh, with beautiful views of Edinburgh city and the Castle. It’s run by top Scottish chef Tony Singh.

You may have seen him on the telly on the Great British Menu. When I was in his restaurant, he was sporting a bright red turban and was absolutely charming.

There were three dishes to capture and pictured at the top is the starter; Tom Yum Soup with Orkney Crab Pate Wontons.

Next up was Irvine’s of Perthshire Sirloin Steak with Glengoyne Whisky Pepper Sauce (above) and finally a Glengoyne Whisky and Marmalade Pudding with Custard, below.

The whole experience was a bit more rushed than ideally I would have liked as the restaurant had a couple of other things on while I was shooting.

This meant I got moved about a bit and had to re-set up. Then I had various not-so-subtle inquiries as to when I would be finished. But it all added to the fun and excitement; there were no second chances.

I can certainly say I learned a lot and look forward to the next one!

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