Corporate Greed

I’ve not posted for a while, just been one of those times, too busy, too tired, too pre-occupied; whatever other reason I can come up with for not being actually productive on anything.

Anyhoo, as a result of a series of random conversations in work (and when I say random, I do mean random – that’s one of the great things about where I work), I challenged one of my colleagues to the Desert Island C90 Challenge.

I partook in this a year and a half ago and found it great fun – you should try it; If you could only take one c90 cassette (remember them kids?) of music to listen to for the rest of your life, what would you put on it?

As I say, it came up in conversation, but it prompted me to look back on what I chose, to see if I would change anything on there.

Then I remembered that I posted again in March 2009 to say that the music industry were suing Youtube for unlicensed material unless it was removed. So I thought I’d check how many of the embedded videos I had added to my mixtape had survived. It made interesting reading.

So here we are; a naming and shaming of bands/artists out of my 2009 top 24 tracks that allowed their publishers to remove material under the guise of ‘copyright infringement’. Granted some of the artists are dead now, but let’s not let that get in the way of a rant. More than half of the tracks I chose are now barred on Youtube:

The Mamas & Papas, The Rolling Stones, The Cocteau Twins, The Sex Pistols, Billy Talent, Bon Jovi, The Go Go’s, The Associates, Nirvana, Muse, U2, The Smiths and The Jam. Disappointing, given the amount of money I’ve contributed to those very bands through vinyl, CD, merchandise and gig tickets over the years.

And of the others; The Cult, Bluetones, Queens of the Stone Age, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, Ugly Kid Joe, The Bangles, REM, Simon & Garfunkel, Gary Jules, The Four Tops, all but two of them (The Bluetones and Gary Jules) were either live versions or soundtrack only with pics.

Perhaps “the man” doesn’t have as much control over the usage of those.
So maybe I need to do a trawl for some live examples…

I even offer a ‘purchase’ option on the post, giving those very fat cats a slice if someone paid.

Get a grip corporate sharks!

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