Creamola Foam

Today I had a moment of real nostalgia.

Following a random conversation (we have a lot of them) at work about the above product some time ago, one of my esteemed colleagues in some sort of Twilight Zone-style coincidence/conspiracy happened across the stuff at a visit to, of all places, a garden centre!

It was in small clear-plastic pots, as opposed to the original packaging, illustrated above. It looked more like some kind of illicit drug, I suspected Methadrone, given the powdered form, garden centre connection and recent publicity.

For anyone not familiar with Creamola Foam, this was a powder/crystalline product from the 60’s/70’s that, when added to water, creates a fizzy, foaming, flavoured drink. I have fond memories of this. I remember eating this stuff off a spoon and letting it fizz and bubble in my mouth.

The product has not been on sale, as far as I know, for a long time and according to various reports, the maufacturers have lost the recipe. So although the ingredients are known, the quantities and process are not.

As if getting her hands on some of this wasn’t enough, Vicki managed to get both orange and strawberry flavours. Orange was a particular favourite of mine from back in the day. We all gathered round this afternoon to sample the delights of yester-year. The scene resembling a group of adolescents daring each other to try out some kind of illicit substance. Some of those present weren’t even old enough to remember when this was out first time round.

Once the powder was added to the water, cups of the fabled elixir were passed around the assembled throng. The smell of the fizzing concoction transported me back over thirty years in an instant, it was amazing. And the taste was exactly as I remembered it. Fantastic!

Factoring in my age now, I would have to say I would probably think twice about giving this to my kids. I think they would be absolutely fleeing after drinkling, or should that be ‘taking’, this.

Nevertheless, the experience was fantastic. The garden centre that sells it isn’t far from me – I may just pay a wee visit…

If you want the ingredients off the packet, here they are (courtesy of Mr Foamy)

Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Tartaric Acid
Artificial Sweetener ( saccharin )
[ed. E954 Saccharin and its Na, K and Ca salts]
(Gum Acacia ,Extract of Quillaia)
[ed. E999 Quillaia is used to make “The Foam” foam]

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