Snap to it

I finally took the leap into the wonderful world of the digital SLR recently. It’s been on the cards for a while, but decided now was the time.

So, after a quick assessment of the models on the market and a bit of (perhaps biased) consultancy from a good friend of mine, I plumped for the Canon EOS 500D.

I was swithering between the 50D and 500D but, given I’m no pro-type photographer, decided the 500D was good enough for me. Having a whole load more settings I didn’t understand how to work wouldn’t have added to the fun.

And, in any case I could spend the price differential on extra glass.

See, I’m talking the talk already…

I’ll perhaps look at creating a new area within the blog for some of my pictures. Sorry, shots. But given there are so many ways to share everything on the web these days, I may just stick to the usual suspects.

I know I’m no David Bailey, but I do know what I like to look at. So I plan to aim at seeing if I can produce anything good enough to warrant putting up on my own wall as a starter for ten.

To get to that stage will require a combination of learning, practice, feedback and more practice. So I’m going to publish some shots to see what the opinion is via downloads and/or comments.

So far, I’ve opted for a stock photography site, what seems like an arty-types site, good old Flickr and the excellent concept site Blipfoto.

Feel free to have a look, and/or comment.

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