Coaster review: Tower of Terror

Tower of TerrorThe Tower of Terror ‘coaster’ is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Orlando Florida. To give it its full title, it’s called “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror“.

If you’re old enough, you may have seen The Twilight Zone, an American TV show hosted by Rod Serling which originally aired between 1959-64. I’m not old enough to have seen the original, but I remember enjoying the re-runs of this ‘horror’ show in the UK while I was young.

This ride centers round the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a fictional hotel featured in a specially commissioned mini-episode of the Twilight Zone show.

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Coaster review: Expedition Everest

Expedition_EverestThe Expedition Everest coaster is in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (in the Asia section), Orlando Florida. To give it its full title, it’s called “Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain”.

Another heavily themed ride, as you’d expect in Disney, with the queue management area kitted out like a base-camp in the Himalayas with plenty of lore about the Yeti on the walls.

When you get to the front of the queue, you can catch a glimpse of the trains and can see that it’s only a lap-bar holding you in. It makes you wonder if this is all going to be a bit tame, but not to worry…

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