Bimbogami breaks 2000 user barrier

bbg_main_logoI’ve not posted for a couple of weeks because I was on holiday in the US.

Back home now, happy but exhausted. More of that in future posts, so watch this space for my 2p on the Disney experience, the US in general and the start of a series of posts on my love of coasters.

For now, I am delighted to announce that on 6 July 2009, the puzzle site of choice for discerning riddle lovers everywhere, bimbogami, passed the 2000** user mark.

For anyone reading this blog an not familiar with bimbogami, please let me explain…

Bimbogami started life at the beginning of September 2007 by bring a new series of 40 puzzles to the masses. In a sequential-format with questions and puzzles of many different styles, they were deliberately set to increase in difficulty the the climactic last question. While it was only a week following the launch that the first finisher was announced, only a further 48 challengers have completed season 1 of the puzzles; a testament to the level of difficulty and skill required, considring a number of those challengers were working in teams.

On 4 July 2008, season 2 of bimbogami was launched to an eagerly awaiting public. Only two days for the pro teams from the puzzling community to crack this one, and a close faught battle it was too, coming down to only half an hour separating first and second in the end. To date only 25 challengers in total have managed finished season 2.

Then, in early 2009, two mini-series’ were added, just for fun while season 3 was being compiled. January 2009 saw musigami; a lyrics quiz with a twist and February brought movigami;  a movie quotes quiz with a similar twist hit the streets.

Also in January a number of puzzler tools were introduced, including; Caesar Solver to help you solve caesar ciher puzzles, the scrabble solver to help solve anagrams and a random word generator, should you feel the need for one of those.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already tried it, why not nip over to the site and try it out.

** Now that’s 2000 real users, actually playing the game(s). It excludes the numerous admin and test accounts we use and also excludes the myriad of registered would-be spammers. There’s been over 22k of you lovely and not so lovely people trying to punt your wares, both with and without a ‘z’, on the bimbgami forum. Otherwise I would be boasting a ridiculous 24k plus user count.

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