If I knew Siouxsie…

bansheesI was on a training course today and, off topic, was chatting to the trainer. He was telling me he was at the Scottish Fashion Awards ‘do at the weekend because his pal was one of the organisers.

I thought that all sounded all fine and well; maybe not the kind of thing I’d clamour to go to,until he told me who was sitting at his table.

Now, to have Clare Grogan sitting there would probably have been interesting enough; she’d be a good laugh, but to also had Siouxsie Sioux there, wow. Apparently she was dressed in a tight green catsuit and full Siouxsie makeup. Class.

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Next 5 things for your mac

Mac LogoHot on the heels of the similarly titled post, I have a few other gems I’ve come across or been pointed towards to make life on the good ship MacBook that little bit more simple. Not that it’s difficult in the first place, just different if you’re used to Windows.

Note: Feedback from the family, who are a mix of casual and regular PC users, would suggest the Mac is easy to use. So fear-ye not Mac virgins, this is not a platform (only) for the uber-geeks.

That said, if you *are* an uber-geek, there’s lots (and I mean lots) to float your boat here.

So, what do we have in the bag this time?

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First 10 things to put on your new Mac

Mac OS X LeopardAs you may heve read from previous posts, and at the risk of boring any regular (aye right!) readers, I got a MacBook a short while back. It’s a bit of a migration for me, having uset a PC for most of my career. I published a list of keyboard shortcuts previously and heres a list of other things I’ve hunted down as ‘essentials’ for day to day work/play.

I know there are alternatives to all of the below, but these are the ones I plumped for. One prevailing factor influenced the choices below; they’re all open source/freeware. My budget for toys is dry following the arrival of the MacBook, so it’s cheapies or freebies for me for a while.

So here goes:

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Bogey at 10 O’clock

Bogey-heavenI saw a sight last night I haven’t seen for what must be over 20-odd years. Driving down the road, I saw a small group of children dragging a home made bogey up a hill by the steering-string. I have to say, the sight of it really took me back to my childhood. And yes, deep down inside, I really wanted a shot of it.

Now, for those of you that are not familiar with the term ‘bogey’, I am referring to what we in the West of Scotland called a home made death-trap of a vehicle. Folks from other geographies may variously describe it as a ‘guider’, ‘trolley’, ‘kart’, ‘soap-box cart’, ‘mini-kart’, ‘box-car’ and probably many other terms.

The idea was simple, you made your bogey out of whatever pieces of scrap you could find, then you found the steepest hill closest to where you lived and you hurled yourself down said incline, atop your home made death-trap. Making it to the bottom of the hill was a triumph. Making it to the bottom uninjured was a miracle.

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Butterfly syndrome

Fluttering By

Unusual for me I know, but I thought I’d try to bring a little culture to the blog.

So, without further ado, here’s a spot of Japanese poetry…

Fluttering around,
Pausing only for a while,
Then to something new.

OK, it’s a pretty poor haiku, but it gets my recent frame of mind across nicely. My focus has been suffering lately, lots of little things to occupy time; the blog, the iPhone, the MacBook, even reviewing stuff on DooYoo, but nothing substantial. I was working on the principle of working on lots of little things in the hope that something may stick and give me a sizeable target worth shooting for – the next big thing, I suppose.

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There is indeed an app for that

apple-iphone-3gAccording to the iPhone adverts, regardless of what you want to do, “there’s an app for that’. Now, I’ve always been a bit cynical to marketing blurb, especially from the big companies. But having had an iPhone for a while now, I can honestly say, I think that claim may actually be pretty close to the truth. There seems to be a limitless number of apps out there to do just about anything.

It’s quite simply the best phone I’ve had. Looks good, nice and slim in the pocket, fantastic UI and the apps, well, that’t where this phone sticks out in front of the rest.

If you don’t have an iPhone, this post will either be of no interest to you at all or may ust convice you to get one.

It already comes with some great apps, like Google Maps But you’re not stuck with just that, of course, there’s a wealth of apps you have to pay for, but in these economic times, let me run through a “Top 5” of the coolest free apps I’ve downloaded so far…

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