Outrageous inflation

poloI bought a packet of Polo mints today, when filling up my car at the petrol station. “So what”, you may think, but I was astonished to find that they are 50p a pack now (other currencies are available).

Now grantedly it may be a while since I bought a pack of Polos on their own and noticed the price, but what’s happening to the world? When I think back to the ‘old days’, was when I was a kid, I remember they were 10p a pack, at the very most.

That’s a mind-blowing 500% increase in price in a few (ahem) short years. I was so surprised I had to have a look online and managed to found a handy inflationary calculator. I put in the original 10p price and 1979 as the year into the ready reckoner to see, based on ‘normal’ inflation, just how much they should really cost nowadays.

By their reckoning, todays price should be something like 40p. That means Nestlé have overinflated their Polo price by a whopping 25% over the last thirty years. Shocking. Maybe, like the property market, the sweetie bubble will burst soon.

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