Noppleganger, moi?

My mate LynvalSince purchasing my new domain names, I started to get some strange eMails, addressed to one of the domains; the one.  I was regularly getting 4-5 per day and they all had a few things in common that ruled them out from being common or garden spam.

i) They were all addressed to ‘me’ at my domain,  ii) They were exclusively new ‘friends’ on MySpace and iii) the majority seemed to have ska/rudeboy/rudegrrl oriented names or pages on MySpace, the latest of which being Lynval Golding of the Specials and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Now I’ve never been a member of MySpace and I’ve never really admitted my secret love of all things Two-Tone and ska-related to anyone, so it all seemed a bit strange.  I therefore decided I should try to get to the bottom of it…

The Rudies, jus' chillin'Some digging around got me to The Rudies MySpace page; an apparently popular, gigging Ska/Reggae/Rudeboy band from Lexington, Kentucky in the US with 781 (and counting) MySpace friends. From their website, the line up of; Jerrod Figgs (Lead Singer, Dread pipes of doom), Jeff Rice (Guitar), Steve Cherry (Bass, low frequency, originator), Tim ‘the juice’ Welch (Drums, manipulator of the spheres) and Dave Clark (T. Sax) are on the left there.  Main man Jerrod is the second from the right in the photo.

Steve McCallum the IVStill no real idea where the connection to me was.  Then, after a bit more digging, I found it; the first friend in The Rudies’ list of friends on MySpace is non other than… Steve McCallum the IV, a three-piece salsa/reggae/crunk band with a separate MySpace page and 646 friends.  That’s them on the right there, comprising; Steve McCallum, Randy Westbrook (keyboard) and Ben Davis (drums) – that’s ‘me’ on the trombone.  They’re from Evansville, Indiana in the US.

So, in a plot-line Columbo would have been proud of, I reckon it went something like this:  Steve plays in a band and decides in 2004 to set up a MySpace page.  Somehow, a year or so later, the paths of Steve and The Rudies somehow cross and Steve is invited/volunteers to set up a MySpace page for them.  A task he duly undertook in 2006, using an eMail address attached to a domain he owned at the time.  And the rest you can make up for yourself.

What next?  Do I get in touch with them or just live with the MySpace spamming?  Not sure. Watch this space.

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