New site completed & launched

www.kayleighmccallum.comI’ve been working on developing a new website on and off for the last couple of weeks. It’s a site for my daughter, who is venturing out on her own as a Marketing Advisor.

It’s a fairly straight-forward site of half a dozen or so pages, and a chance to try out some of the nifty CSS techniques I’d learned from the previously mentioned CSS Mastery book.

I think it looks not too bad, but I’d like to point out that the colour scheme was not really of my choosing. 🙂 And thanks to Scott for the images used.

The site build was pretty event-free. I was delighted to make it through the torture of cross-browser compatibility testing with relative ease.  Primarily as a result of my recent switch to developing for FF3 first and correcting for IE as required in parallel.

So, while I wouldn’t deign to call myself a ‘master’ just yet, I reckon I’ve jumped a few belts.

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