Progress, here we go mk1

launchAs I posted at the end of last year, there had been no movement on the bimbogami front for some time, despite a growing list of tasks and ideas.

Well, the good news is that over the last few days, the proverbial finger has been extracted and some movement made on a couple of fronts.

I made live today a number of amendments to the site:
A new landing page, with a new look and feel (thanks Scott, for the suggestion).
Users can now log-in from the landing page (less clicks, yay).
Newly launched ‘puzzler tools’ section, accessible from the landing page.

  • Caesar Solver puzzler tool launched
  • Scrabble Helper puzzler tool launched
  • Random Word Generator puzzler tool launched
  • Nonogram Generator has not been formatted yet, so held back for now

So, a few ticks in the boxes from the previous post, and hopefully a bit of impetus to get some more stuff done.

Next on the list is, hmmm, I wonder, Musigami anyone?

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