Musigami launch imminent

Things are starting to come together a bit now on the musigami front.

Most of the code has been done, including some more annoying css stuff. A bit disappointed that I’ve had to resort to ie-hacks to maintain consistency (only 3x mind) – lazy I know but it was eating away into the time I should be spending getting it launched. I may go back to that later.

Anyhoo, so far, the new taster has been built and launched, and the old one spruced to match. It just takes you to the reg page, so the main game is safe from prying eyes until launch.

The majority of the other pages are re-jigged with the new stylie (menu changes and banner), so that just leaves the main puzzle page, still have to recheck (dull, dull, dull) all the old puzzles aren’t formatted funny because of the change in styles.

I’m trying to avoid the temptation to just ‘get it in’ at all costs, it would just mean the next ‘code tidy up’ will be even worse.

After this, it’s on to season 3 proper.

Further progress

Now done most of the coding around musigami, a between-season lyrics quiz, to be published on bimbogami. And, as Scott’s kindly done all the images, including a taster, it’s all been glued together. So musigami is officially in ‘beta test’ now – thanks in advance Jeanne.

Still a few bits and bobs to fix (mainly IE spacing, surprise surprise) and also need to merge the CSS from the previous puzzle page since introducing the new layout changes and revising the navigation stuff.

So, fingers crossed for a launch this weekend, if we decide the puzzles are in the right sequence/level of difficulty.

Firefox evangelists++

firefox1OK, it’s official, I’m now a convert. I never thought I’d say it but I’m now officially a big fan of Firefox (version 3 of course, its predecessors I remain unconvinced of)

It’s great to develop for and the fantastic Firebug is a CSS developers dream. If you code, and use CSS, download it, now, and do it in FF.

I read in a few places a while ago that you should develop in FF and then hack for IE. For years I’ve been doing it the other way round and boy, do I feel stupid. If the stats from bimbogami are anything to go by, FF is catching and overtaking IE in terms of visitors to the site.

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Progress, here we go mk1

launchAs I posted at the end of last year, there had been no movement on the bimbogami front for some time, despite a growing list of tasks and ideas.

Well, the good news is that over the last few days, the proverbial finger has been extracted and some movement made on a couple of fronts.

I made live today a number of amendments to the site:
A new landing page, with a new look and feel (thanks Scott, for the suggestion).
Users can now log-in from the landing page (less clicks, yay).
Newly launched ‘puzzler tools’ section, accessible from the landing page.

  • Caesar Solver puzzler tool launched
  • Scrabble Helper puzzler tool launched
  • Random Word Generator puzzler tool launched
  • Nonogram Generator has not been formatted yet, so held back for now

So, a few ticks in the boxes from the previous post, and hopefully a bit of impetus to get some more stuff done.

Next on the list is, hmmm, I wonder, Musigami anyone?

Spares or repairs redux

spannerIt was 21/12 (wasn’t that a Rush album?) when I kicked off the original post on this topic, when I placed an order for an out of stock item at Partsmaster.

Well it finally arrived today 9/1. Which isn’t great really, even though where were a couple of bank holidays in the mix. Absolutely no comms from Partsmaster until the point they said it had been shipped on 8/1, so points for quick delivery when they finally got it.

Fitted in jig time, assisted by the excellent new crimbo cordless drill/driver, and all back up and running within hald an hour. The radiators will no doubt be grateful.

Hogmanay schmogmanay

hogmanayHogmanay is a dying tradition. Nobody seems that interested in it anymore.

People still seem determined to have a party to celebrate the dawning of a New Year, but it’s really because they think they have to, it’s more like just going through the motions. I mean, we’ve just had a major celebration-fest of over-indulgance less than a week before, it’s not as if we’ve not done anything for a while

Even the ‘Last Call’ and ‘Only An Excuse’ that seemed so good in years gone by appear desperately old and tired; well past their sell by date. And all that tartan and piper nonsense, as if us Scots have exclusivity to this time of year (surely they don’t broadcast all that nonsense elsewhere).

It’s not that I don’t like a party, I can get down with my bad self as good as the next man, it’s just the reason and timing of it I have a problem with.

Getting old? Aye probably.
Do it again? Maybe not, cocoa and bed for me next year!

Desert Island C90 Challenge

desert_islandThis year’s end of year challenge from Scott was to compile a Desert Island C90 tape. I was always a big fan of the cassette tape back in the day, but alas they are long gone from my house now, with the advent of CD’s and such.

Still, I was keen to make an entry this year, having run out of time last year for his Amazon challenge. And, glad to say, I made it, with a few hours to spare on Hogmanay. Now, with a little bit more time on my hands, I can add some commentary on the choices I made and link in some vids for those that may be interested to see.

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