The Sensei's Caesar cipher solver

A free tool to encode/decode text using the Caesar cipher technique.

A Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher, where each letter in the text is replaced by a corresponding letter, based on an alphabetical offset (shift). So, to encode the word 'bimbogami' with an offset of 3 would result in 'elperjdpl'.

Note: The popular 'rot 13/rot-13' cipher is simply a Caesar with offset 13.

The encode option allows you to have your text encoded using an offset of your choice. Where decode has a stab at coming back with a single, valid solution. If that's not possible, a list of variations will be provided for you to find the one you want.

The Sensei's Caesar solver respects your capitalisation/punctuation.

Enough of that, let's do it!
I want to decode my text:
I want to encode my text: